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 American Industrial
  Heat Exchangers (air/water cooled)
 American Mobile Power
  Hydraulic wet tank systems (aluminum, steel & polyethylene)
 John S. Barnes
  2-stage pumps
  Hydraulic parts and various components for mobile equipment
  Hydraulic pumps and motors (gears & pistons)
  Hydraulic motors, power steerings units
  Power take offs
 Commercial (Parker)
  Pumps, motors, hydraulic valves, industrial & telescopic cylinders
  Pumps, motors, valves & filters
  Hydraulic & industrial hoses, hydraulics adapters & fittings (steel, SS, brass)
  Pneumatic hoses & adapters
  Hydraulic accessories & filters
 Gresen (Parker)
  Control valves, pumps, hydraulic filters & accessories
  Flow meters
  Gaz engines 5.5, 9, 11, 13 hp
 Hydraulique Martin
  Power units, hydraulic tanks 6.25, 7.25, 12, 20, 30, 40 Imp. gal.
  Flexible couplings for fluid power application (mobile, commercial, industrial)
  Power units 12 volts, 24 volts, 110 volts
 MP Filtri
  Accesories and hydraulic filters (suction, pressure and return)
  Shaft seals
  Highest quality liquid filled gauges
  PTO pumps, flow controls, wood splitter controls
  Quick couplers (steel, brass & stainless steel)
  Valves, pumps (single & multiple), motors
  Supports, accessoires, filtration,valve,test point
 SMC Pneumatique
  Pneumatic products line (cylinders, valves, FRL)
  Piston pumps (single & double) with fixed displacements for high-duty requirements
 Super Swivels
  Hydraulic inline & 90º swivels heavy duty adapters
  Hydraulic tanks & accessories, pump/motor adaptor (Bell housing)
  Hydraulic motors, flow dividers
  Electric valves

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